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Melucci also offers bike bearings which will improve the performance of your bike, ensuring a maximum of safely and fun.

Melucci s.r.l. is the official distributor of ENDURO BIKEbrand products.

Consult the list in pdf format below for more information on the full range available. We always have the latest products available inevery size, so why wait ? Come to us!



The ABEC-3 standard:
To be awarded the ABEC standard, bearings must pass all tests, including noise at high speed, minimum inner and outer diameter tolerances, roundness of the balls, precision of the raceways and surface finish of both the raceways and the balls. The standard ABEC-3 is a good standard in bicycle components


Steel balls in Grade 10 chrome
The balls have accuracy Grade 10. This means that their spherical shape deviates only 10/1,000,000 from a perfect spheroid, double the roundness factor compared to industry standards.

Raceways in 52100 High Carbon Chromium steel, produced under vacuum for maximum purity, with hardness level R-62 and therefore extremely hard and resistant. The balls are then mirror-polished to achieve ABEC-3 precision and to be free of rotation noise.


Ball retainer cages:
Ball retainer cages in steel
. Seals:

LLB Dual-Lip low contact seal in silicon.



The ABEC-3 standard:
To be awarded the ABEC standard, bearings must pass all tests, including noise at high speed, minimum inner and outer diameter tolerances, roundness of the balls, precision of the raceways and surface finish of both the raceways and the balls.

Balls in grade 5 chrome steel
The balls have precision Grade 5. This means that their spherical shape deviates only 5/1,000,000 from a perfect spheroid, the acceptable military quality level. double the roundness factor compared to industry standards. Hardness R-64.
Raceways in 52100 High Carbon Chromium steel, produced under vacuum for maximum purity, with hardness R-62 and therefore extremely hard and resistant. They are then mirror-polished to achieve ABEC-5 precision standards and be free of rotation noise.
Ball retainer cages: Retainer cages in nylon/graphite

Nylon with graphite means the cages are virtually friction-less, ensuring constant lubrication.
SRS type seals, which retain a very fluid sliding motion despite large contact surfaces; held in place by snap rings that can be easily removed for cleaning and the lubrication of the bearings

Enduro-MAX bearing


Enduro-MAX bearings are full complement bearings, with a load capacity 45% higher than the normal bearings.
Dual-lip labyrinth seals, Mobilux 2 or Rock 'N' Roll grease.

Enduro Shielding: LLB-LLU-SRS-VV

seals bearings enduro

The various ENDURO shieldings.

Angular Contact Bearings

In standard radial bearings only 3 or 4 balls simultaneously adhere during loading. In ACB angular contact bearings, all the balls are involved and the load is carried over a larger area, reducing friction.


The balls and the raceways of the bearings are made‚Äčof 440 C stainless steel. This material offers a maximum resistance to corrosion (rust) in very critical applications and environments. Stainless steel has a load capacity approximately 20% lighter than steel chrome 52100, used in many of our bearings, but has a much higher resistance to corrosion.


FULL CERAMIC: Ball bearings in silicon nitride Si3N4 Grade 3, raceways at abec5 in Si3N4, retainers in PTFE. Shielded on one side in silicone 70, Dupont Krytox grease.

XD-CERAMIC: with oversized balls for increased load capacity and less friction. 3.5 times larger than Shimano, SRAM or campagnolo. 3.5 times stronger than stainless steel.

CERAMIC HYBRID: Balls in Grade 5 silicon nitride Si3N4, precision level ABEC5, nylon retainer cage.

ZERO CERAMIC: Balls in Grade 3 silicon nitride Si3N4, nylon/graphite retainer cage. Raceways in steel 52100 High Carbon Chromium with Cryogenic Treatment. The raceways are covered with a black oxide coating which prevents the formation of rust, then they are polished and finally cryogenically treated before assembly.
During the Cryogenic treatment the raceways are brought to a temperature of less than 185° C to normalise the crystalline structure of the material. The raceways are then more resistant to the hardness of the ceramic balls and maximum wear is assured. Dual-Lip type VV seals in silicone.


ENDURO does not have "entry level" headset bearings in its assortment, they begin with chrome steel and include Black Oxide finishings and even bearings in 440C stainless steel. They are designed with balls as large as possible and held in micro grooves to protect from external agents. The units are filled to 90% with high pressure grease and water resistant.


Enduro has invented, designed and formulated polyurethane seals for mountain bike forks. Standard designs are plagued by contamination and rapid degradation. Enduro has created Blu, seals in polyurethane to solve these problems.

They keep out dirt out and oil in. The seals mean you move faster, they are waterproof, last longer, and quieter than standard types. Available for most of the major brands and models of forks.


Bottom Brackets


XD-15 Ceramic Bearings and Bottom Bracket

Speed. It is ultimately why we ride. If you want to make your bike faster, more reliable and virtually maintenance free in all conditions, look to the XD-15 bottom bracket. Precision ground and USA made at the Enduro Bearings facility in California, the XD-15 combines cryogenically treated nitrogen steel races with Silicon Nitride Grade 3 ceramic balls in a proprietary process that results in the ultimate high performance bearing setup. Find out why Bike Radar reported the XD-15 “Hands down, the best bottom bracket we have ever tested”. We are so sure that you will love these bearings we offer an unlimited 2 year bearing and race warranty.

ZERØ Ceramic Bearings and Bottom Bracket

Proven time and again in World Cup race conditions, ZERØ Ceramic bearings are the ultimate race day weapon. Silicone Nitride (Si3n4) Grade 3 balls roll on Black Oxide races ground to a mirror finish after receiving Magnetite and Cryogenic treatments for hardness and longevity. ZERØ ceramic bearings feature the roundest balls you can buy without a military license and with virtually undetectable rolling resistance, they are closing in on the magic “zero” resistance wattage number. Double silicone VV seals protect the bearings regardless of weather and are lighter and more flexible than rubber, and are the lowest drag seal available. ZERØ bearings get more email and blog feedback than any other model we make citing a dramatic improvement in rolling speed.

Ceramic Hybrid (CH) ABEC-5 BB Bearings and Bottom Bracket

Ceramic bearings are not only here to stay, they are becoming the standard. When carbon fiber was first introduced, there was some doubt, but now every bicycle in the Tour de France is made of carbon fiber. This is the case for ceramic bearings, and the CH bearings are an excellent choice of entry into the technology. ABEC-5 tolerances and LLB seals with Graphite Nylon retainers are premium features that are not available on our competitor’s Ceramic Hybrid bearings at 2 or 3 times the cost. Oversized ceramic balls and cryogenic treatment of the ABEC-5 races ensure long lasting, smooth rolling bearings at great value.

Angular Contact (A/C) ABEC-5 Bearings and Bottom Bracket

For the ultimate bottom bracket bearings, and for many hubs, these are the best bearings available for speed, balance, and longevity. Because they utilize a large surface area design, the load from all the balls is shared equally at all times, spinning faster than any radial bearing where only 30% of the balls may be taking the load. A patented Enduro Bearings design, they may be serviced just as any other bearing with no special tools needed. Perfect for disc brake wheels where you need to remove all wheel play. Just remember, the RED color seal side is the loading side; don’t BLACK out! Also now available in ceramic for 2015.


Pulegge Enduro

Now available for 2015, the ultimate jockey wheel with Enduro XD-15 bearings. Not only 1 gram lighter each than the super light ZERØ’s, these will outlast your derailleur’s lifespan! They will spin with the same speed years from now, as fast as the day you installed them. When installed with our XD-15 bottom bracket and XD-15 wheel kit, these complete the ultimate Enduro Bearings Speed Kit for your bike, reducing the overall friction to almost nothing.


Tools Enduro

A whole series to remove and safely install the bearings from any component chassis. They are 100% USA produced at Sonny's Bicycle Tools in California.



Puller bearings for bike BBT-100 ENDURO

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